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Clinical Strength & Performance Testing

For Athletes Who Want To Better Their Performance, Reduce Their Injury Risk & Identify Their Weaknesses

Athletic Performance Testing Taken To A Whole New Level

If you've ever wanted to find out why you experience repetitive injuries or how to unlock your physical potential, this is for you,
Our clinical strength and performance testing sessions are built to identify your strength and movement blindspots that are holding you back from performing at your best. By utilizing force-plate technology used in elite sports, we can now pinpoint strength deficits and asymmetries that may contribute to your chronic and recurrent injuries.

Our Testing Protocol includes;

  • An initial injury history screen To understand your history of injury and rule out any red flags.
  • Functional movement analysis A movement screen to assess your mobility and control through fundamental movement patterns
  • Strength and power testing To assess your physical strength capacity and identify areas of weakness and asymmetry.
  • Performance & Rehab Plan Of Action. Our recommendations and action plan pdf so you can get on top of your injuries and back to your best.

Download A Sample Performance Plan

What You Get

☑️Strength and power assessment via Vald Force-Plate technology which offers a extremely indepth analysis of your strength, power and general physical capacity for your sport or exercise.


☑️A clear and in-depth understanding of your physical capacity and how to maximize your performance and reduce injury risk.


☑️ A Performance Plan that clearly highlights your areas of weakness, imbalances and how to develop greater levels of athleticism.


☑️ Join our Strength & Rehab Program to enhance your physical performance. Using the results from your testing you can join our program designed to add strength to your foundations so you can train harder for longer! 


Start your recovery in the best way possible. Our initial consultation will provide you with a thorough assessment, diagnosis and understanding of your goals so you can get back feeling and moving your best. Your journey out of pain and back doing what you love, starts here

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