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Case studies.

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Chronic Lower Back Pain After A Gym Injury.

In 2017, Sarah injured her back after feeling a small ‘pop’ in her back while she was training at the gym. Since then Sarah’s pain had become constant, experiencing pain when she did any physical work or exercise. She also was experiencing pain when she sat for more then 30 minutes, impacting her work productivity.

After consulting various health practitioners and having an MRI Sarah was diagnosed with a disc herniation. She was told to stop lifting weights and to wear a brace to help support her spine.

Sarah presented to Scope with the hope of returning to exercise and getting rid of her pain.

After running through a full assessment and addressing her MRI we were able to rule out any serious pathology. We then proceeded to retrain Sarah for the movements she needed to return to the gym. We ran her through squat and deadlift retraining and taught her how to brace to reduce her pain when lifting weights. We also created a ‘Plan Of Action’ outlining how to return to training without re-injuring her self. We also provided Sarah with some hands on treatment to help reduce her muscle and joint tension.

Once Sarah regained the confidence in her body’s ability she saw a significant reduction in her symptoms and could see a future without pain. She was able to return to exercising 5 times a week with no pain.

On reflection, Sarah said ‘Once I had a plan of action and new this wasn’t going to be a lifelong issue I regained the confidence to train, which is something very important to me’.


Shoulder Pain Of A Weightlifter

James was a high level Olympic weightlifter who was experiencing persistent shoulder pain. The pain occurred when he lifted weight overhead and was becoming worse with time. James had a competition coming up shortly and needed to be able to lift more then he ever had before.

James was quite concerned when we presented to Scope as he wasn’t sure if he could compete. After running through our assessment we were able to diagnose James with a rotator cuff tendinopathy (tendinitis).

We explained to James that although this is a frustrating and painful condition, if treated appropriately we could get him back lifting with no pain. A specific rehab program was created which, targeted strengthening the rotator cuff and developing strength in the overhead positions that were painful. As James worked through his program he was able to get his pain down to a comfortable level while simultaneously lifting heavier weights.

When his competition came around he was able to lift with no pain and also hit a personal best.

Achilles Tendinopathy

Achilles Tendinopathy pain in a runner

Brandon was a 27 year male runner and triathlete who had developed achilles pain. The pain was bearable for the first year, but, it soon became worse and he was unable to run at all. Brandon performed the stretches and rested as prescribed by his previous practitioner. Unfortunately, this had not helped him.

When Brandon presented to Scope he expressed his frustration about his lack of progress. He was also concerned about the impact this injury was having on both his performance and long term health.

Once we identified his concerns and ran through a full physical assessment we diagnosed Brandon with a mid-portion achilles tendinopathy. His injury appeared to have developed from chronic overloading, poor ankle mechanics and loss of calf strength.

We then educated Brandon about achilles tendinopathy and how to manage the pain going forward. We also developed a full rehab and strength program to get rid of his pain. Finally, we developed a simple, progressive running program to follow.

During this time, we provided hands on care, including dry needling, soft tissue work and joint mobilizations to help the injury.

Within 12 weeks, Brandon was out of pain, back running and doing what he loves.

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