What To Expect During Your Child's First Appointment


Firstly its important to know that paediatric chiropractic is very different to adult chiropractic. Our expert chiropractor, Claudia Cadona has completed a 2-year postgraduate degree in this specialty. She is trained in all things paediatric!

Treatment is aimed at enhancing brain and nervous system function to assist each individual baby/child to be happy, healthy and reach their full potential.


  • The initial consult is conducted over 45mins and involves a detailed history, comprehensive examination and treatment.
  • The examination will be specific to the age of your child and includes a comprehensive head to toe physical and neurological assessment.
  • Information obtained from the history and examination will be explained before treatment is conducted so parents and children can understand their symptoms and how they may be linked to their spine or nervous system.
  • All treatment is gentle, specific and tailored to the individual patient. We use a range of techniques suitable for babies and kids.