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Paediatric Chiropractic: The importance of having your baby or child checked

Brisbane Paediatric Chiropractic Care

Hi I’m Claudia, I have recently joined my husband, Daniel, at Scope Chiropractic to look after all our pregnant ladies and babies. I have completed my Diploma in Chiropractic Paediatrics, making me extremely advanced in pregnancy and paediatric care. There are only a small number of chiropractors in Australia whom have this qualification, so you can be assured your child is in gentle and safe hands.


Almost every pregnant mum asks me “why, and how, do you treat babies and children?” Most parents are confused as to why a 2 month old baby will need chiropractic…? I mean “they haven’t fallen over or had a sporting injury like us.” Their thoughts are completely justified. Here is a list of why babies and children benefit from chiropractic.


  • The birth process – its hard on bubs!! Both natural and cesarean births can cause injury to their soft, tiny muscles and spines. Research shows 70% of births cause some degree of neuromuscular dysfunction. Babies’ neck joints are underdeveloped and their weak spinal ligaments provide poor protection when traction or rotational forces are involved. These forces during delivery (both natural and cesarean) can cause strain to the muscles or joints of the baby’s neck.
  •  In utero positioning – especially if baby is large and sits low in the pelvis for a lengthy period. 
  • Older siblings wanting to hold and play with their cute little brother/sister.
  • Any accidental falls or rolling off couches – its common!
  • Poor gut health and food intolerances – they can cause havoc on the nervous system and body.
  •  Tongue and lip ties – they don’t stand alone – if they are present there is almost always something else going on in babies neck, spine or cranials.
  •  Older children may have had falls or trauma causing pain and dysfunction. I also work a lot with children whom have poor concentration, hyperactivity, sleep issues, bedwetting, poor balance/co-ordination.


How do I treat children – well completely differently to adults. Treatments are very gentle, specific and precise. I perform a range of neurological tests to confirm my findings and correct any dysfunction. I use light finger pressure on certain muscles or joints to help alleviate tension.


Yours in Health,