Dealing with lower back pain can be very frustrating, we get it, we have been there as well and this is why we are so passionate about helping others not only get out of pain but actually get back to doing the things they love.

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for someone to seek care from practitioners and Doctors, However, what is often offered are short term, band-aid solutions that do not address the underlying cause. As someone who has experienced this first hand (Read Here), I know the frustrations of not feeling understood nor being able to return to doing the things you love. This is why Scope Chiropractic is a Patient Centred clinic, focusing on achieving your goals and helping you get to the root cause of your symptoms.

While most practitioners have their patients best interest at heart when it comes to lower back pain, they often miss the most important aspect of getting rid of the pain. This is not because they are blatantly ignoring it, nor is it because they dismiss it as unimportant (as  it is recommended in every lower back pain guideline), rather it is because few practitioners and Doctors are trained to educate, prescribe and monitor it. 

The missing link is strength and movement retraining. It may be mentioned or maybe even prescribed at a low level in some practices but few understand how to implement it in a way that actually makes long term change. This is the key! Regardless of what your diagnosis is (disc injury, muscle spasm, SIJ pain etc) until you relearn how to move and then develop strength for better control you may find yourself in a constant uphill battle. 

The great news is that it actually isnt that difficult and it will help you get back moving and feeling stronger quicker then you realize. Slowly relearning new ways to move that dont provoke your back pain and learning to develop more strength means that your body can cope with the physical requirements of family, work and exercise and you can avoid feeling as though your back is a ‘handbreak’ in your life. 

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Lower back pain rehab at Scope Chiropractic 

At Scope Chiropractic, we pride ourselves on our diagnostic skills, treatment abilities and management experience of lower back pain. Having the correct diagnosis is the first step to resolving your discomfort as part of a lower back pain rehab program. Most importantly, back pain can be resolved with good management, time and a positive outlook. To learn more about our chiropractic and pain rehab programs for lower back pain, contact Scope Chiropractic or book a session at our West End or Ipswich chiro clinics today.