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Injury is something most active people deal with at some point in their life, but with sports injury therapy, it can be effectively managed.



Over the years we’ve worked with athletes at all levels — from the everyday athlete through to the professional — we’ve realised there’s a need for better rehab and strength services. At Scope Chiropractic, we offer the best in rehab, strength and performance, and pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goals using modern science-based approaches.

Who can benefit from strength and conditioning rehabilitation?

We’ve created our Strength & Rehab Coaching appointments (SRC) for people with or without pain who require personalised rehab/prehab programs to return to sports and performance. Working with our strength and conditioning coach, our sports injury therapy, and injury prevention and rehabilitation consultations are ideal for:

  • Athletes struggling with pain or injury.
  • Athletes returning from an injury or who need assistance and sports injury rehab (crossfit rehab, back pain rehab, hamstring tear rehab, etc.) to progress with their current training.
  • Athletes who want a specialised strength and prehab program tailored to their needs by a strength & conditioning specialist for injury prevention. 

Sports injury treatment and prevention sessions with our strength & conditioning specialist are 1-1 sessions focusing on building and developing a rehab/prehab program specifically for your needs. This ensures you get the specific prehab or rehab treatment, for example, lower or upper back pain rehabilitation, that you need to recover and avoid further injuries.

What’s included:
  • A thorough history, orthopaedic, functional and strength testing
  • Goal setting
  • Development of a structured exercise program
  • Injury education
  • An optimize rehab/prehab info booklet
  • Training load tracker (When needed).

Benefits of our programs 

A key factor when developing an effective rehab or prehab program is the development of all attributes of strength specific to your needs. We incorporate the scientific aspects of progressive overload, periodisation and specificity to ensure your body is able to deal with the loads required for your sport, work or physical activity. With our focus on specialised injury prevention and rehabilitation, we aim to provide you with all the information and support you need to progress and recover optimally. 

Our strength & conditioning specialist 

Daniel Rothenberg is the head Sports Chiropractor at Scope Chiropractic. As a respected sports injury specialist in Brisbane and Ipswich, he also holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science, Majoring in Strength and Conditioning. Daniel works extensively with crossfitters, weightlifters, runners, and soccer and rugby union players, and places a strong emphasis on education and strength training to ensure all clients leave their injury prevention and rehabilitation consults feeling stronger and smarter. 

Book a sports injury treatment or prevention session with our strength and conditioning coach today or contact us to learn more about the rehab and prehab sessions we offer.

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