Strength & Rehab


Injury is something most active people deal with at some point in their life. Over the years of working with a range of athletes from the everyday athlete through to the professional we have realized that there is a need for better rehab and strength services. We offer the best in rehab, strength and performance and pride ourselves on helping you achieve your goals using modern science based approaches.

We have created our Strength & Rehab Coaching program (SRC) For people with or without pain who require personalized coaching to return to sports and performance. Ideal for those who may be returning from an injury or who need assistance to progress with their current training. We bridge the gap from rehab to performance.


Consult Options

SRC PACKAGE: Includes multiple 1 on 1 coaching sessions in our clinic gym, personalized exercise program, training load tracker and our optimized rehab education booklet. A guided step by step approach from beginning to end goal.

SRC PROGRAM ONLY: Includes 1 session, personalized exercise program, training load track and our optimized rehab education booklet


Daniel Rothenberg is the head Sports Chiropractor at Scope Chiropractic. He also holds a Masters degree in Exercise Science, Majoring in Strength and Conditioning. He has worked extensively with Crossfit, Weightlifting, runners, soccer and rugby union athletes. He has a strong emphasis on education and strength training to make sure his clients leave their consults feeling stronger and smarter.