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The Functional Movement Screen


The Functional Movement Screen is a screen that assesses basic human movement patterns. These tests are based upon regular movements that we do on a day to do basis as well as mimicking common gym exercises. The screen tests both mobility and stability of the body and may highlight areas of limitation. Seven movement tests make up the screen, they include:


  1. Overhead squat
  2. In line lunge
  3. Hurdle step
  4. Active Straight Leg raise
  5. Shoulder Mobility
  6. Trunk stability push up test
  7. Rotary stability movement pattern


These tests are then scored on a scale from 0-3.

  • 0 is scored if the movement causes pain.
  • 1 is scored if the movement is performed poorly and does not meet the specific criteria
  • 2 is scored if the position can be done with assistance or modification
  • 3 is scored if the movement meets all the requirements.


These tests allow the practitioner to look at areas of the body that do not have sufficient mobility or stability and any areas of asymmetry (L vs R). It is important to understand that this assessment is not to predict injury, it is simply a tool to visualize your current basic movement patterns in a systematic way and highlight areas that may need to be worked on to optimize your movements.

Scope Chiropractic uses this screen to assess athletes’ movement capabilities. This allows us to know which areas of the body need to be stretched or mobilized (mobility) and which areas may need strength and/or conditioning (stability). This is also used after injury and as a screen before returning to play from an injury.