1. SCOPE Chiropractic has a strong patient centred focus. We pursue clinical excellence and strongly believe in an active model of patient centred care.
  1. We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure.
  1. We don’t only treat back pain. We are trained and experienced in the diagnosis, treatment and management of peripheral aches and pains.
  1. We use western acupuncture and dry needling to achieve great results.
  1. We believe education is key to improving your pain. We will isolate any daily movements, postures or habits that may contribute to your symptoms. We spend time with you to understand how to best take control of your pain or dysfunction.
  1. We prescribe exercises specific to you to ensure quicker recovery.
  1. We treat and manage sporting injuries and take great pride in our ability as sports chiropractors to help achieve your athletic goals.
  1. We treat people of all ages to help them achieve their specific goals.
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Daniel Rothenberg

Daniel Rothenberg is a Sports Chiropractor with a Masters of Chiropractic and Masters of Exercise Science majoring in Strength & Conditioning. He works closely with a range of athletes in Brisbane and Ipswich.