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Strongfirst Kettlebell 101 Course

Master The Kettlebell With The World Renowned Strongfirst Russian Kettlebell Systems

Taking the Kettlebell 101 workshop is like walking into the pages of Pavel Tstatsouline’s Kettlebell Simple & Sinister. You will learn:

  • The kettlebell exercises that deliver great gains while having the steepest learning curve

  • The Swing—build a back of steel, sprinter’s glutes, fighter’s conditioning, and a blue-collar grip

  • The Turkish Get-up—forge resilient shoulders and bullet-proof abs

  • The Goblet Squat—develop a killer blend of strength and flexibility

  • Simple and Sinister stretches, kettlebell safety, and other boring stuff that pros swear by and amateurs ignore at their own risk

  • Insider strategies for long term sustainable training to reach your goals

  • Pavel’s “Alt-Simple & Sinister” programming—totally in line with the book, yet with unique wrinkles

Price: $135

Date: 18th Feb

Location: 144 Brisbane St, Ipswich

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Exercise & Pregnancy Workshop

How to stay healthy, move well & stay strong during pregnancy

What you will learn;

This practical workshop will include

  • How to move safely and effectively during pregnancy
  • Essential exercises for a comfortable pregnancy and birth
  • The benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  • The importance of strength
  • Exercises to avoid

Also included;

A takehome exercise program!

Price: $30

Date: Saturday 11th Feb

Time: 9am - 10:30am

Location: 144 Brisbane St, Ipswich


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