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Lower Back Pain Rehab Program

Our Lower Back Rehab Program Is Specifically Designed To Help You Eliminate Your Back Pain And Rebuild Your Body And Regain The Strength & Condifence In Your Body
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What This Program Will Help You Achieve

Lower back pain can be an exceptionally frustrating condition to cope with especially when it impacts important things in your life such as time with family, exercise, work or hobbies. It can also have a large psychological impact with many back pain sufferers being concerned of the long term structural impacts back pain may have or the possibility of having back pain for the rest of their lives. It can also impact our overall long term and short term health with its impact on our sleep quality and quantity and the ability to exercise and be physically active.


Fortunately, back pain is resolvable and can be trained to not be painful or impactful on your life. Regardless of weather youve had a trauma that has caused the pain, have had surgery  with the right program, education, advice and support you can get back to living your life without limitiations of pain.

This program is designed to help you;

  • Get rid of your pain
  • Regain mobility and flexibility
  • Rebuild your strength and cardio fitness
  • Refind your confidence in your own body to go and do whatever is most important in your life.

All while being supported by your clinician and rehab coaches to ensure you are excelling in your recovery.


We know this is not just about your pain, but about what the pain is holding you back from doing. This is why we start with goal setting and finding out what you would like to be able to do. We then design a program that is tailored to your goals and abilities.

How The Program Is Structured

Every program we create is completely individualized, below is the general structure we follow to ensure that we address all the physical qualities to rebuild a strong robust body

This block is designed to achieve 3 goals;

  1. Get your pain down to a manageable level (ideally no pain).
  2. Work on our foundational movement patterns that we will be strengthening in later blocks.
  3. Start working on upper body exercises, glute and care activation exercises as well as some general conditioning (cardio)

By the end of this block you should be;

  • Feeling much less pain
  • Have negative orthopaedic and neurological tests
  • Competent in foundational movement patterns
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Feeling confident that you are on the right track for a great recovery

This block is about starting to build your strength. We work on exercises that target your glutes, core and lower back muscles.

We also start performing compound exercises with partial range of motion such as deadlifts from a raised platform and squats to a box.

The goal by the end of this block is;

  1. To be able to hold a plank for >60s
  2. Perform >15 single leg glute bridges
  3. Able to perform a deadlift and a squat
  4. Increased hamstring (posterior chain) flexibility

This block we introduce full range of motion compoiund exercises such as deadlifts from the ground and full depth squats. We advance on your core, glute and back work as well as advance with your upper body work.

There is an option to begin joining our field sessions where we introduce running mechanics and prepare to run exercises.

By the end of this block we should be able to;

  1. Increased hamstring and hip mobility
  2. Ability to perform a deadlift with 30-50%+ of your bodyweight
  3. Ability to squat 30-50%+ of your bodyweight
  4. Hold a plank for greater than 90s
  5. Perform single leg bridges >20

Block 4 is about increasing your strength. This block we focus on reduced reps and increased weight for your compound exercises. We start to introduce jumping work as well (known as plyometrics) to challenge the bodys ability to move quickly.

This block we look at your;

  • Perform a heavy 90-100% effort deadlift for 3 reps (3RM)
  • Can squat 50-100% of your bodyweight
  • Improve on your plank test
  • Can carry 50% of your bodyweight for 30s (farmers carry test)

Now that weve built your strength and flexibility we want to make sure that you can move your body in various ways. We introduce new exercises that challenge your ability to move your spine 'out of neutral' as this is what happens in the real world.

We have you performing exercises with a bend back and an extended back. We focus more on rotational exercises and more dynamic movements to enhance your overall confidence in your physical capacity.

This block is a continuation of the last block with the introduction of more speed and co-ordination work. We use reactive exercises and responsive exercises to develop similar qualities. We still focus on strength and mobility work throughout this block

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Why This Program Is Different

Hopefully by now you're feeling confident that this program could be something that is life changing (it certainly has been for many who have done it) but what we've mentioned above is not actually the most important part.

What many people struggle with when performing rehab is lack of accountability, support and guidance and this is what we focus most on.

Our team of clinicians and coaches work with you, ensuring your form and technique is excellent as well. We make sure you feel supported and we help modify your exercises as your progress.

We want you to excell in this program and that comes from having a support crew around you to make sure you are on track for rehab success.

Success Stories

From Lower Back Pain To Ironman Success

From The Hospital Bed To Olympic Weightlifting Champ


Our core goal is to provide you with results that last that is why we have put together a rehab program that includes everything you need to achieve a successful recovery

The B2YB Lower Back Rehab Program

A 26 week Rehabilitation Program. Ideal For Those Who Have Chronic Or Recurrent Pain. Or Those Who Are Pre/Post Surgery.

Your Program Includes;

Weekly Sports Chiropractic treatments

Unlimited Small Group Rehab Sessions

Individualized Rehab Program

Progress Testing

✓ Private Health Rebatable

✓  24/7 Support

Free recovery & sleep ebook

✓ Access to open gym time

$149 p/w for the duration of your rehab program

Ideal for those who want to get back to their best, for good.


Start your recovery in the best way possible. Our initial consultation will provide you with a thorough assessment, diagnosis and understanding of your goals so you can get back feeling and moving your best. Your journey out of pain and back doing what you love, starts here

Our Approach

We believe the best way to provide effective healthcare starts with empowering the individual to take a proactive approach to their health. At Scope, our approach to pain and injury care starts with providing the education and resources to understand what is causing the symptoms. We then provide a clear action plan (what we call our Steps To Success Pathway) to ensure you are prepared for what to expect going forward. Throughout the process we provide the treatment, exercises, advice and support to ensure you feel empowered to make a full recovery and ultimately, get back doing what you love!


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