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What is your late cancellation and/or missed appointment policy?

As we usually have a waitlist, we have implemented a 12hr cancellation policy or a $50 appointment fee is administered. This is to ensure that we can get patients on the waitlist in earlier. You can see our full policy here

Is it normal to have some soreness post treatment?

While it is never our intention to create soreness after an appointment, sometime this may occur. Usually this is a transient symptom that settles down very quickly. However, if you are concerned about some post treatment/rehab soreness just phone us and chat to your practitioner.

What should I do if I am unsure how to perform an exercise or don’t have the right equipment?

We know it can be challenging to do your rehab at home, and thats why we provide you with our Rehab exercise App which has all the videos and instructions you need to get it done. If you still are unsure, our practitioners are always open for you to contact us directly so we can address any of your concerns.

Id prefer not to have adjustments and/or dry needling, is that a problem?

Our practitioners do much more then just that. If you are not comfortable with a specific type of treatment we can always find other ways to help get you your result.

Will you send a report to my coach/trainer/Doctor?

Scope prides itself on working with other coaches, trainers, Doctors and practitioners. If you let us know we will contact your coach or Doctor.

I just want treatment and am not interested in exercise and rehab can you do this?

While we respect everyones decision on how they decide to look after their health, if you are not interested in taking an active component to your recovery we probably arent the right clinic for you. 

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