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Postural tips when using a phone/tablet

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  • Excessive tension on the neck, shoulders and lower back can be due to poor positioning when using an electronic device. Likewise, spending too much time on a device can also create symptoms.
  • It is common for children, adolescents and adults to experience postural pain due to not knowing how to hold their device while maintaining good posture. Teaching children how to hold a device and maintain a good posture is vital for their overall musculoskeletal health as they have a lifetime of this ahead of them.
  • Ideally we want to hold a neutral spine position. This means our ears line up with our shoulders and hips.




  • Hold the device at a height that is roughly in line with your collar bones
  • A light squeeze of the shoulder blades will ‘stack’ the head on the shoulders
  • Make sure you elongate your body so you are as tall as you can be.
  • It is ok to lean forward if you are sitting, however tilt forward at the hips to maintain a straight line from ear through to hips. Do not round the back and shoulders
  • If possible sit on the floor instead of a chair when on the phone this will help you to engage your core muscles to keep you up right. 


Laying on stomach


  • It is ok to lay on your stomach and look at your phone.
  • The key to doing this effectively is to prop yourself up on your elbows
  • Do not ‘shrug’ into your shoulder try maintain a tall stance through your arms
  • The phone should be at roughly a 45 degree angle so your head is not in a flexed position
  • Still maintain a neutral position from the ears through to the hips


Remember that holding a good posture is paramount however ultimately we want to minimize the time spent in any position for too long. Make sure you never spend more than 20 minutes on a device without have a micro break.


Holding a game console remote


  • Like holding a phone or tablet. Maintain a neutral position with your hands rested low in your lap
  • Make sure you don’t let your shoulders and/or your head drag forward into a rounded posture.
  • Break as often as you can and try not to spend an excessive amount of time playing video games, get out and play outside! ?