Why Breastfeeding might be painful.

Initially, breastfeeding can be painful. A lot of first time mums aren’t given the heads up about just how sore and hard it can be to begin breastfeeding. But it’s all worth it in the long run. (1) The first 2 weeks will be sore for almost every first time mum. After that, things should settle down, the pain should ease. If it hasn’t- its time to investigate!

***Poor attachment and incorrect suck are 2 of the most common causes mums discontinue breastfeeding. These are things paediatric chiropractic can help with*** (2)

  • Many babies with attachment issues have neck tightness or reduced range of movement. They find it painful to position on the breast (usually more one side than the other). This discomfort may present as; pulling off, arching their backs, chomping on the nipple, shallow latch or simply refusing to attach.
  • Another common cause of poor feeding is a weak or inefficient suck. Bub may have tight jaw musculature, tongue or lip ties, or a sensitive gag (often these 3 things go hand in hand). A babies suck, swallow and gag reflex are controlled by cranial nerves – meaning if the nerves aren’t functioning properly, poor feeding will result.

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  2. Miller J et al, (2009) Contribution of Chiropractic Therapy to resolving suboptimal breastfeeding; A case series of 114 infants; Journ of Manip & Physiological Therapies; vol 32 (8) 670-674
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