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Know your lower back pain


Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for someone to seek care from a chiropractor. Knowing what structure may be causing your back pain is a very important thing to know as this will determine your recovery pathway. Some structures in your back take longer to heal and are more complex to resolve while others may be simple and easy to settle. The most common causes of lower back pain are;



  1. The intervertebral disc
    • Pain can be deep ache or sharp stabbing sensation
    • May have associated leg pain, numbness, tingling
    • Worse when sitting and/or bending forward
    • Stiff and painful in the mornings
  2. The sacroiliac joint (SI joint)
    • Pain located on one side usually below the PSIS (the ‘dimple’ area either side of the tail bone)
    • Worse when walking and standing from a seated position
    • May have associated sciatica
    • May be painful top put weight on the side of pain.
  3. Facet joint
    • Usually one sided pain
    • Worse when leaning back or twisting side to side
    • Aggravated by prolonged sitting or standing


Knowing the structure that is causing your pain is only one part of the equation, what is usually more important to resolving pain for the long haul is to understand why this area became injured in the first place. ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back’ is often an analogy used to describe an episode of lower back pain. Unless there is a significant trauma these injuries usually are an accumulation of non optimal movement patterns or daily habits. Stress and anxiety can often play a large role as well.


At Scope Chiropractic we pride ourselves on our diagnostic skills, treatment abilities and management experience of lower back pain. Having the correct diagnosis is the first step to resolving your discomfort. Most importantly, back pain can be resolved with good management, time and a positive outlook