If I could only tell you one thing that applies to all those with chronic lower back  pain (or any chronic pain for that matter), its that you have to take control. When pain becomes ongoing or constantly recurring, the only way to truly get on top of it is to put yourself in the drivers seat and take action.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. No amount of spinal adjusting, massaging, injection, medications or even surgery (outside of rare occasions) will eliminate chronic symptoms. 

The sooner people realize that there is no quick fix and stop relying on them, the sooner they start to take control. They start to feel empowered because they have the power to resolve their condition.

To change chronic pain, it often starts with changing your mindset. This is the first and sometimes hardest hurdle for people to overcome. It’s sad that sometimes I converse with patients who are suffering badly, yet they are totally ingrained in believing their issue is due to something outside of their control, or that only someone else can fix it.

I can tell you, that the only way to change your pain, is to change yourself. Starting with the messages and mindset that we have around our issue. Some people arrive there on their own, others need some thoughtful prompting to start that change in belief. 

Once we start believing that we can change, we can start taking positive action towards a more proactive recovery strategy.

The strategy often includes exercise, strength, mobility and changes in daily routines and habits. It includes looking at our broader health, looking at our sleep, stress management, nutrition and other health issues. Seeing where else we can start to improve and change.

I write this short blog, because we see patients everyday who’ve taken control. Who are in the drivers seat, taking a proactive approach to their recovery and getting exceptional results.

Check out some of the videos below from people in the Back2YourBest Rehab program.

These are amazing people who have turned their health and ultimately their lives around. To take control, to regain their health, fitness and happiness. And most importantly to find a brighter future with no pain holding them back.

If this email has resonated with you, if you feel like you are ready to take control, you can reach out for a free discovery call via this link.

Alternatively, feel free to send me an email. Id love to hear from you.

Yours in health,


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Daniel Rothenberg

Daniel Rothenberg is a Sports Chiropractor with a Masters of Chiropractic and Masters of Exercise Science majoring in Strength & Conditioning. He works closely with a range of athletes in Brisbane and Ipswich.