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ACL Rehabilitation Program

Our ACL Rehab Program Covers Every Aspect Of Your Rehab So You Can Ensure That You Get Back To Your Sport & Life With Full Confidence
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What This Program Will Help You Achieve

ACL injuries can be one of the most debilitating and challenging injuries an athlete or active person can acquire. The return to sport process after injury and surgery requires patience, consistency and most importantly a structured approach so that all aspects of rehab are taken care of to ensure you have a smoothe return to your sport.

However, most ACL rehab programs dont cover all the basis required for a great recovery. An ideal ACL rehab plan should seamlessly transition into a good strength and conditioning program that prepares you fully for the the strength and fitness demands of your sport.

This is what we do.

Our ACL program incorporates a structured, wholebody program that ensures you not only regain good function at the knee but are capable of performing to the best of your ability.

We want all of our ACLers to have the best rehab they can get, so our program includes;

  • An individualized, full body rehab and training program
  • Coached rehab sessions with expert rehab & S&C coaches to ensure excellent form and technique
  • Return to running field sessions for running technique and structured sprinting and change of directions drills.
  • Monthly rehab testing sessions
  • Weekly hands on treatment sessions
  • 24/7 support by your clinician.


How The Program Is Structured

Every program we create is completely individualized, below is the general structure we follow to ensure that we address all the physical qualities to rebuild a strong robust body

This phase is the initial phase after injury and or surgery.

Our primary goals are;

  • Manage pain and swelling
  • Regain early range of motion and muscular activation
  • Regain ability to bear weight
  • Begin training of the uninjured leg
  • Begin upper body training

Once weve settled your symptoms and at the appropriate time post surgery (if youve had surgery) our next goal is to start to regain strength locally at the knee. This goal of this phase is to start;

  • Strengthening the quads, hamstrings, calfs, adductors and glutes
  • Beging functional movement patterning (squats and hinges)
  • Begin gait retraining
  • Continue strength and conditioning of the upper body and core

In this phase our main goal is to perform more 'functional' exercises. Our goals at this phase are;

  • Regain muscle symmetry in the legs
  • Begin building strength with functional exercises such as squat variations and deadlift variations
  • Introduce single leg stability exercises
  • Introduce progressions for jumping and hopping (plyometric) exercises
  • Start prepare to run testing and strength protocols

This phase is the most exciting phase as we return to run. The goal of this phase is to;

  • Ensure comfortable, symmetrical and pain free running
  • Accumulate running time and distances on grass and then road

Once we can run for 30+ minutes with no pain we start performing change of direction and sprinting drills. The goals of this phase are;

  • Introduce a variety of drills to challenge pre-planned and reactive change of direction drills
  • Begin building sprinting and speed ability

This block is aimed at preparing you for your sport by utilizing sport specific drills and exercises to enhance and prepare you the requirements of your sport or goal

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Why This Program Is Different

Hopefully by now you're feeling confident that this program could be something that is life changing (it certainly has been for many who have done it) but what we've mentioned above is not actually the most important part.

What many people struggle with when performing rehab is lack of accountability, support and guidance and this is what we focus most on.

Our team of clinicians and coaches work with you, ensuring your form and technique is excellent as well. We make sure you feel supported and we help modify your exercises as your progress.

We want you to excell in this program and that comes from having a support crew around you to make sure you are on track for rehab success.

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Our core goal is to provide you with results that last that is why we have put together a rehab program that includes everything you need to achieve a successful recovery

The B2YB ACL Rehab Program

A 52 week Rehabilitation Program. Ideal For Those Who Want To Ensure They Get The Best Rehab For Their ACL Injury

Your Program Includes;

Weekly Sports Chiropractic treatments

Unlimited Small Group Rehab Sessions

Individualized Rehab Program

Progress Testing

✓ Private Health Rebatable

✓  24/7 Support

Free recovery & sleep ebook

✓ Access to open gym time

$149 p/w for the duration of your rehab program

Ideal for those who want to get back to their best, for good.


Start your recovery in the best way possible. Our initial consultation will provide you with a thorough assessment, diagnosis and understanding of your goals so you can get back feeling and moving your best. Your journey out of pain and back doing what you love, starts here

Our Approach

We believe the best way to provide effective healthcare starts with empowering the individual to take a proactive approach to their health. At Scope, our approach to pain and injury care starts with providing the education and resources to understand what is causing the symptoms. We then provide a clear action plan (what we call our Steps To Success Pathway) to ensure you are prepared for what to expect going forward. Throughout the process we provide the treatment, exercises, advice and support to ensure you feel empowered to make a full recovery and ultimately, get back doing what you love!


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