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Take Control Of Your Physical Health With Our In-Clinic Strength & Movement Classes

Regain your MOBILITY Build your STRENGTH Find Your BALANCE

Join our Strength & Rehab Classes!

Our in clinic classes are designed to help you get rid of your aches, pains and stiffness that are holding you back from moving and feeling your best.

Get Back To Your Best

  • 6 Week Programs
  • 3 Sessions Per Week
  • Small Group Classes (Max 8)
  • Free Recovery Ebook
  • $80pw Private Health Fund Rebaitable (With Chiro cover)
Scope Chiropractic

About Explore & Restore...

This program is designed for all fitness levels and abilities and ideal for those who have a history of tension, tightness and recurrent niggles..
  • Build Mobility That Lasts 
  • Enhance Your Strength And Minimze Your Assymetries.
  • Build Your Foundational Strength Through Compound And Isolated Exercise
  • Regain Your Core Strength
  • Improve Your Balance And Reaction Skills


Each week you will recieve a receipt from us with all the information you need to make a claim with your healthfund online. You will need Chiropractic cover to make the claim.

As these classes are only small group sessions and are typically only 4-8 weeks we dont offer refunds for the program.

We use Go Cardless which will automatically direct debit the amount each week. You can also pay the total upfront if you wish.

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