Are you between 28-32 weeks pregnant and beginning to feel sharp or achy pains in the front of the pelvis?

You’re not alone; many women experience this pain (it could be at anytime during the pregnancy). Some women worry and quickly ring their midwife or obstetrician, thinking it could be early labour (the right thing to do.) Often though its not labour pains, so they ring me. The pain can be musculoskeletal – round ligament pain to be precise. 

  The round ligaments are thick supportive ligaments that run from your pelvis to the anterior part of the uterus, on both sides. They are there to support your uterus during pregnancy. As baby grows and the tummy stretches forward, the ligaments become tight and strained. If you move the wrong way, like an elastic band that is stretched, they twinge causing pain or discomfort.

  While it is a normal pregnancy symptom, it can be treated and is extremely beneficial to do so. Specialised pregnancy chiropractic treatments are tailored to gently release all ligament, muscle and joint tension. Helping stretch these ligaments not only eases the pain, but also helps make room for baby to get into a more favoured position for birth. Round ligaments that are too tight can restrict baby from moving to one side of the womb, or prevent them from dropping down low enough to engage and kick off labour.

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